Welcome to St Lawrence Schools & Colleges


The fundamental mission of The Academy, St. Lawrence Schools and Colleges is the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, its understanding and appreciation. Aiming at a very high academic level of excellence,


OUR Core Objectives

The core strategic objectives of The Academy, St. Lawrence Schools and Colleges are:

  • To provide an outstanding educational environment, saturated with a wide variety of academic disciplines so far at Secondary and high school levels.
  • To equip graduates with knowledge, skills and positive attitudes which will enable them face and smoothly overcome the challenges of the 21 st Century.
  • To enhance self-confidence in students through speech of English, smartness and a clean living and studying environment.
  • To create a civilized society of students, with national and international sentiments of brotherhood.
  • To advance the scientific and cultural vision of society as well as its social and economic aspirations.