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Crown City is on a low lying and gentle hill seen clearly from the main Kampala Masaka road. whereas other Campuses teach both Arts and Sciences at 'A' Level, Crown City Campus is specialised only in Sciences to give a pure Science atmosphere, thinking and aspiration from S.1 - S.6

Crown City Campus is situated on a 120 acre piece of land. So it is quite spacious, wth nice gardens and tree shades. On one side, there is a school farm with pineapples, bananas, jackfruits, vegetables and cows at the far end. A half olympic swimming pool has been fully constructed and is operational. There us a constructed stadium for games and sports

In a nutshell, Crown City is spacious, it is brightly lit at night, it has plenty of space fo games, it has a standby generator and is well equipped in library and labaratory. All in all, Crown City is a campus of exceptional Caliber