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M. J. Tulina

RECTOR St Lawrence Academy, Schools and CollegesFor a bright future

On this website, we have tried to give you as much information as possible and to answer in advance your questions about becoming a student at St. Lawrence Academy, Schools and Colleges. There are a number of important benefits here for every student who joins this institution. St Lawrence constitutes a large and well established institution with sx self contained, attractive and quiet campuses i.e. Crown City Campus, Creamland Campus, Horizon Campus, London College, StLawrence College -Paris Palais and The Academy St Lawrence. Horizon Campus is the headquarters of all six institutions. Admissions are carried out at Horizon Campus Budo. Ten Students are distributed to the other Campuses depending on the availability of space. sometimes subject combinations and certain curcumstances may dictate.

Besides giving a student a condusive academic atmosphere, St Lawrence exposes one to a great variety of well-behaved and civilized students, living as brothers and sisters in an exceptionally friendly motivating and exciting enviroment of an extensive array of societies, clubs and activities. I can assure you that your child will not regret having made the decision to belong to this great establishment of high learning, the like of which is not found anywhere in East Africa.

Dear Parent, Congratulations on your deciding to become a mother or a father of a child at St. Lawrence Academy, Schools and Colleges, a prosperous institution of very high caliber, a six star educational complex with a difference